Drift, 3/31/14.

Having lots of free time right now I set out with my bike and didn’t return until my backpack was filled with aluminum cans. Below is the route I ended up taking. Besides the recycling, I took a few pictures. Drift. 3/31/14 The sun was finally starting to devour stuff after a three month hiatus. Absorption of Mittal smoke.

We’re just emerging from the harshest Winter in my memory. As a result the main arteries’ sidewalks were all covered with a layer of dirt and road gravel left from the retreating snow.

A worker using a torch near the Mittal Steel slag pile. Orange smoke and flame It was near 70˚ that day but there was still plenty of melting snow from the storm two nights ago. Snowman They finally got around to clearing out the Christmas decorations. Christmas Decorations on the curb This church is behind a Denny’s and next to a storage complex. The sign in the window says “Pray to End Abortion”. Calvary Chapel The storage facility next to the church. Storage building on Pearl Rd. The wind turbine at Pearl Road Auto Parts. Wind Turbine at Pearl Road Auto Parts

Old west siders will remember the Peaches record store at Peal and Brookpark. It’s widows filled with posters luring us in to buy the latest album. Here’s how it’s windows look now. Former Peaches record store window I felt guilty as I leisurely drifted by these two working guys. Moving Mattresses The plastic wrap kept the paint moist through the Winter. I checked. Paint roller wrapped in plastic The lot behind the former Peaches store. Melting snow behind Pearl-Brook Shopping Center The hubcap to the right of the door . Jo Jo's Pizza Cove A couple of signs on Pearl Road storefronts showing different levels of craftsmanship. Gourmet Pizza Eshva Greek Social Club Next we have a place to make travel plans and/or buy a Christening Dress. Around the World Travel and Valeries Thrift Store. Valeries unique thrift shop Valeries Vintage thrift store 80’s high tech looking sign, ravaged. System Controls

A fresh looking mural on the side of the German Man-Choir building. The mural wraps around the front as well. German Man-Choir Building

I think this trapezoidal building with an Art Deco facade is cool. I wonder what kind of buildings were on either side back in the day.Theo's Old Brooklyn Grill

Affordably on Flickr.

I could of had a V8.

New Selfie Old Selfie on Flickr.

The Vivian Maier exhibition at the Cleveland Plate Room. 2550 Superior.

Cupid’s Undie Run. 2/15/14

Hundreds of half-naked runners running down Literary Rd. in celebration of their fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Tremont, Cleveland.

Bridge Demolition

The crews are making progress tearing down the old inner belt bridge. The section that went over Fairfield Rd. is gone.